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Swedish Massage
This traditional massage incorporates regulated pressure to release knots and tension in the body. Stimulating effleurage and long, strong movements effectively ease your tired, aching back and limbs. Gentle but firm, this form of massage therapy is a traditional Swedish technique that relieves muscle tension and improves circulation. Long, kneading strokes are applied to the body and are beneficial for muscles, and the respiratory and nervous systems.

Our guests will experience both physical and emotional relaxation due to the easing of tension & stress. The effects of the Swedish massage are beneficial for the health of the body and mind. This is a full-body massage that pampers the body, stimulates circulation, and promotes relaxation. It is an ideal way to eliminate accumulated stress, improve muscle tone, and ease muscle aches.

We also provide private showers, saunas and steam rooms. We assure you that your time at The Spa in Oakland will be the most rejuvenating, relaxing and refreshing time of your day.

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